“Die Nageltante” translates as the “The Nail Lady”. That’s me – Antonia-Sophie – an Austrian lady with a passion for beautiful nails. When I started Die Nageltante, I wanted to create a selection of affordable nail foils that people would love wearing. I started by asking my customers to tell me exactly what they wanted so I could create a portfolio of designs to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

I’m continually expanding my product range to ensure there is an extensive choice of nail foil designs to suit every taste.

It became obvious to me back in 2019, when I was looking for nail foils for myself, that there was an inadequate supply of good quality nail foils available in the EU. I suddenly realized that I could create my own designs and turn my passion for simple and stylish nail foil solutions into a business.


I dedicated the first nail foil design I ever created to the woman who has made me the person I am today – my mother Helga. She has always stood by my side and motivated me to be the best person I can possibly be. I then decided to name all future designs after many other women I have known as well as celebrities who inspire me and who have achieved great things.

Antonia-Sophie Probst-Doppler